A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Rovonaut Comrade is a small experimental rover simulator made in 5 days for the 'Weekly Game Jam 129'

The theme was 'Lost In Space'

Install instructions


I've been notified that the Mac build doesn't open, if that is the case for you try the uncompressed version. Sometimes compressing a .app on windows causes problems. I don't own any MacOS devices so if it works for you (or not) please do tell in the comments, thanks!

  • 0.3B WIN - Updated file names to make the game launch properly (Thanks Ephoolio!)


Rovonaut Comrade 0.3A MAC [Untested] 91 MB
Rovonaut Comrade 0.3A LINUX [Untested] 93 MB
Rovonaut Comrade 0.3A MAC [UNCOMPRESSED] 241 MB
Rovernaut Comrade Build 0.3B WIN 88 MB


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I had a lot of fun with this game. I'm not sure about your plans going forward with it, but I feel like there's a lot you could add to really expand this idea. Like if the rover broke down and we had to repair it, or if the cameras on the outside occasionally got dirty or something and we had to get out and clean them. It's plenty fun as is though!

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This is very cool.The Dev does a excellent job with the the controls and how the character perspective feels. Very neat. More please.


This type of character control is similar to VR games, it's an interesting experience.